First webinar by Enis Mehmet on FXStreet

Next Monday, Enis Mehmet and Ilan Azbel from Seer Trading will present his first webinar on FXStreet. He will talk about “The importance of portfolio back-testing in algorithmic trading“. That will be at 14:00 GMT / 09:00 am EST.

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Algorithmic trading systems often suffer from large drawdowns and low sharpe ratios due to the fact that they implement one type of strategy on one financial instrument. Historically the technology has not been available to effectively back-test anything more complicated than this, yet the consequences of adopting this strategy are certainly compelling.
Implementing more sophisticated back-testing techniques may result in slightly lower returns, but invariably these are returns that are more sustainable, smoother, and far more resilient to changing market conditions. This seminar will show participants how they can smooth the equity curve by looking at the effects of diversification and the importance of including underperforming constituents in a portfolio to maximize long term performance.

About the presenters

Enis Mhemet and Ilan Azbel
Enis Mhemet and Ilan Azbel

Enis Mehmet has over two decades of experience in financial markets, having been employed by high profile institutional and retail brokerages. During this time he has worked with teams in the UK, Australian and the USA. Since 2009, Enis has been driving the adoption of an award winning automated technical analysis service which has become one of the most popular solutions for retail traders worldwide with over 40 international brokers currently subscribing their clients to the product.

Enis Mehmet will be joined by Ilan Azbel, who has has over 15 years of experience in the field of technology, over 10 years experience in financial markets, and an academic background in mathematics and computer science. Having interests in and his proprietary hedge fund, Ilan and his team use Seer on a daily basis for sophisticated multi asset algo trading.


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