The Fed faces new decisions – FXStreet’s coverage

On Wednesday the Federal Reserve will meet once again to propose new choices that might affect the global economy. The Interest Rate decision is one of the main points to discuss which it has become one of the most wanted data to financial markets.

As a Forex trader, you might be asking yourself: what effect does it have on currencies and my trading strategy? If so, keep reading.


At FXStreet we want to offer you the latest news about its possible impact on financial markets, all with the best currency analysts.

Janet Yellen will put all the cards on the table two months before the U.S Elections Day but, will she raise interest rates or is expectation higher than reality?

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Mark September 21st in your calendar as a key date because we might expect big surprises from the Central Bank. Yellen is ready to take the reins, are you ready for it?

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