Empowering our Social Media channels

Social MediaFXStreet has always been very active on social media channels. And their quality has been recognized by the most influent, including Bloomberg that ranks FXStreet top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis.

We gain large amount of new followers, subscribers and fans every day, but we still have room to do better and offer more to the Forex traders connected to social networks.

Here are our novelties in the field:



Very famous among traders, Twitter is naturally among the social channels that is the more developped at FXStreet.

We have launched four new Twitter accounts to fully cover popular areas of our website:

Besides these new ones, we will maintain our three existing Twitter channels:

  • FXStreetNews (over 70k followers and a growth rate of more than 400 new followers per week) that retweets all the news we produce. From now on, we will include important news as soon as they break (even if we don’t have our own piece of news about it)
  • FXStreetUpdate (38 k followers, an average of 865 new followers every month). This last one is curated by the FXStreet team and is a selection of news, forecast economic data release, webinars, updates about our website and special events.
  • FXStreetReports (5,5k followers, approximately 150 new followers on average every month): all the Analysis reports that are published on our website.


We have been uploading videos on Youtube for several years now, where our more than 6,500 subscribers have been able to watch extracts of our webinars (we upload two per weeks) but also other videos as extracts of our interview with Martin Armstrong. From now on, Youtube will become a much stronger channel for FXStreet, since it’s the platform where we are hosting our new video streaming channel, Live Video.


Facebook is known as “the king” of social media. For FXStreet it’s the channel with more users, over 45.000 people. And we get an average of 1320 new fans every month! So yes, it’s a network we care about and that we will continue to improve, increasing the number of our posts, among other ideas.


FXStreet has its own company page on LinkedIn, but to be honest, we have not been very active there until now. That will change. We want to update it more frequently and post content of interest for the professionals of the Forex industry.

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