Be aware of scams! FXStreet does not manage third-party accounts

Today at FXStreet we want to warn our users to avoid online scams. FXStreet does not manage third-party trading accounts.

We have detected an increase of fake profiles asking traders to provide their bank details on behalf of FXStreet. Be aware, because it’s not FXStreet and you will not become rich.

If you receive an email or social media contact on behalf of FXStreet offering you this kind of service or any other suspicious email, please send it forward to us as we are in touch with the authorities.

Such illegal activities are taken very seriously by FXStreet. After internal investigations, we have discovered that the name of the person behind the last wave of cozenages is Jordan Barta. He registered a domain and has sent spam emails to traders asking for transfers and finance details under this name and other aliases. We are taking appropriate action to stop it.

Any details related to this issue will be very helpful and will be treated with top confidentiality.

Trade safe!

2 thoughts on “Be aware of scams! FXStreet does not manage third-party accounts”

  1. Hallo!

    I was contacted by Jordan Barta with such proposal of managed account or trading together for 10-20% reward from profit. Please send me contact data, where I can forward his mail and any other details.

    Best regards,

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