Ashraf Laidi and Valeria Bednarik, panelists of the Forex Forecast 2016

Logo Panel_150x100As we announced last week, FXStreet will host a special live event with a powereful panel of four Forex experts to discuss what 2016 might hold for the Forex Traders. That will be this Friday, December 18th, at 14 GMT / 9 am EST. And it’s free of course. GET YOUR SEAT NOW!

Today, we want to tell you a bit more about two of these panelists, Ashraf Laidi and Valeria Bednarik, giving you links and resources you can check to know them and their work better:

The Intermarket Strategist, Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf LaidiAshraf Laidi is an independent strategist and trader, founder of Intermarket Strategy Ltd and author of “Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis”. Ashraf is the former chief global strategist at City Index / FX Solutions, where he focused on foreign exchange and global macro developments pertaining to central bank policies, sovereign debt and intermarket dynamics. He lives in London.


Know him better, check those links:

Interview in the Live Analysis Room by Dale Pinkert in October 2015

His articles on FXStreet

Video Interview at FXStreet’s Barcelona International Traders conference about “what is essential to know when you are choosing a broker?”

– His book “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets

Ashraf Laidi on Twitter

– Ashraf already participated to a Forex Forecast on FXStreet… 10 years ago 🙂 It was a text chat session with questions from the audience.

FXStreet’s Chief Analyst, Valeria Bednarik

Valeria BednarikValeria Bednarik has been active in the foreign excghange markets since 2003. In 2006, she began writing some articles through FXStreet helping newbie traders in their education. Back then, Francesc Riverola, owner and co-founder of the company, invited her to join his team. She is now the Chief analyst of FXStreet, being an invaluable asset for the company, writing Analysis reports and presenting live coverages of economic events. She is presenting a weekly show on our Live Video channel. Valeria lives in Buenos Aires.

Check these to see what she does:

Her articles on FXStreet

Women in Forex Interview in August 2015 with Valeria Bednarik: ‘My relationship with Forex is like an old marriage’

– Meet the Live Video speakers: Interview with Valeria Bednarik

– Recording of the last NFP live coverage with Valeria Bednarik, Dale Pinkert and Yohay Elam

Valeria Bednarik on Twitter

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