Celebrating the New FXStreet launch on the beach and with percussion

Last Monday our staff was invited to a surprise event to celebrate the successful launch of the redesign of FXStreet. We all left the office at 12 pm and took a bus to… we had no idea where! After a bit less than an hour, we arrived at a restaurant on the beach with beautiful terraces. We were welcomed with drinks. Very pleasant moment under the sun. Then we had lunch in the restaurant (with sea view of course!)… whose dessert trolley impressed everyone – have a look at the pics! Continue reading Celebrating the New FXStreet launch on the beach and with percussion

FXStreet redesign: Our answers to your feedback

Since the launch of the New FXstreet on May 12nd, we’ve open several channels to collect our users feedback: an online survey, a live chat, a special email address… all of them available in many places on FXStreet and around! In total, we’ve received around 900 comments in less than 3 weeks.


We want to thank you all for taking time to tell us what you like or dislike about our redesign.

Here is a summary of the most common feedback and our answers. Continue reading FXStreet redesign: Our answers to your feedback

New FXStreet: Our website loads faster than before

One of the goals of our website redesign was to improve the loading time of our pages. And we made it! That means the users’ experience has improved: they have to wait less to see our charts, data and articles. Continue reading New FXStreet: Our website loads faster than before

Behind the scenes of the New FXStreet redesign

Internally, we call it “3.0”. Externally, it’s the #NewFXStreet. And after a few hiccups and delays in the release, it’s here!

How it all got started

DSC_0351The first meeting that led to our website redesign was a brainstorming about how FXStreet should evolve and what should be improved. It was in February 2014. We made a big list that is still pinned on a door in our main meeting room.

This list of needs and goals was so long and requested so many profound changes that the only way to fulfil them was to do a total “reset” by using a new backend and frontend structure for FXStreet. We needed to be more flexible and our systems were not offering this necessary freedom for our team to innovate, run continuous tests and swiftly adapt to new challenges.

That’s when the decision was taken to make a profound reform that would be the version 3.0 of our website. Continue reading Behind the scenes of the New FXStreet redesign

A tour into the #NewFXstreet

tour page new fxstreet - screenshotAs we announced last week with a letter from our CEO, Carolina May, and after a few technical hiccups that delayed the release, the 3.0 version of FXStreet is finally here!

The best you can do is to have a look and explore the website by yourself – noone better than you know what you need and what you like.

But we have also prepared a couple of presentations you might want to have a look at! Continue reading A tour into the #NewFXstreet

FXStreet unveils redesigned website // Full version

Responsive and easier to navigate, the new FXStreet is the 3.0 version of the first Foreign Exchange market information independent website to see the light, back in 2000.
Continue reading FXStreet unveils redesigned website // Full version

Welcome to the New FXStreet, a letter from our CEO

Dear FXStreet user,

Welcome to the New FXStreet.

Two years ago we started a long journey that led us to what we call today the 3.0 version of FXStreet. We have a very talented team of journalists, analysts, marketing professionals, designers and IT experts and a very demanding audience. We did a massive redesign to keep delivering the best service to our 6.5 million yearly visitors of our English site. We knew that we had to change, and we had to get everyone in the company involved, to establish objectives and analyze how our audience related to us. We changed many things along the way and we know that we still have a long road to go as FXStreet will continue improving and evolving. Continue reading Welcome to the New FXStreet, a letter from our CEO

The #NewFXstreet will be here soon

Many of you experienced it yesterday: we tested the launch of FXStreet’s new website and it was up for a few hours in the European morning, though slow and unstable. We managed to relaunch it in a steady environment during the American morning, but then around 1 GMT last night the site crashed. That’s when we decided to revert back to the “old” FXStreet site because we are committed to providing the best service to help traders and we were not prepared to give up now.

We want to apologize for a unstable day to all of you who experienced it when surfing FXStreet yesterday, though we are pretty sure you understand these kinds of hiccups are almost always part of improvement and launch processes.

We want to thank you for your patience and for getting in touch with us to help us improve. This test launch and the previous beta site experiment have been extremely valuable in terms of feedbacks: we collected the opinions and bugs alerts from around 2300 users in the last three weeks. It’s a mine of information that we will thoroughly analyze and take into account. Continue reading The #NewFXstreet will be here soon