New FXStreet: Our website loads faster than before

One of the goals of our website redesign was to improve the loading time of our pages. And we made it! That means the users’ experience has improved: they have to wait less to see our charts, data and articles.

NewReliq_FXStreet_May 19 2016 vs Oct 2015
NewRelic dashboard screenshot

The performance of a website measures how long it takes to load and show all the information and elements of a page to the user. The most famous and used software that controls and reports websites performance is NewRelic. Following the data provided by this software, FXStreet now loads 2 seconds faster than 6 months ago: 8 seconds against 10, that is an increase of 20% of the page loading duration!

NewRelic also has its own indicators that scans the quality of the user’s experience. This index measures the ratio of satisfactory response times to unsatisfactory response times on a given website. In this field of “satisfaction, tolerance and frustration”, we have also improved a lot: 23% more users whose response time to load their page is satisfactory, while we have 40% less users whose experience is qualified as frustrating.

We still can be faster and will keep working on it, even if our website is made of a great quantity of charts, real-time data and videos that typically take much time to load. Improving the experience of our users is a constant concern for our team, and the website speed is part of it.


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