Women in Forex – Kathy Lien: “I’ve become more patient which I guess I can credit to my son”

Kathy LienFive years ago, when we interviewed Kathy Lien, she was Director of Currency Research at GFT. She is now running her own business together with partner Boris Schlossberg. And became a mum. And works from home. She’s experienced a lot of changes in only a few years. But at least one thing is still the same: she trades Forex passionately and dedicates as much time as possible to it, while keeping her private life as intact as possible: “I’m very good at compartmentalizing. I think if you allow each to filter into the different areas of your life it becomes a mess!”

Being her own boss

* You have a new job since our interview with you in June 2010. Can you tell us how it happened?

I’m co-Director of BK Asset Management and BKForex.  Through the years Boris Schlossberg and I have been running an advisory business and towards the end of our term at GFT, we knew there would be some business changes for the company. More leaders within the organization had planned changes and we knew the business would not be the same.  During this time we were presented with many opportunities to service clients globally and we believed that it would be time to strike out on our own. That was in June 2012.

* What does it take to become your own boss?

It’s busy! Being your own boss is never easy especially when I’m working for a slave driver like myself.  But I love the flexibility of having my own business, determining my own hours, and experimenting with new ideas.  I can conceive, execute and roll out an idea in lightening speed without waiting for the approval from bearuracray.



* Do you work from home now?

Most of the time. I have the option to go to an office but I’ve found that I’m the most efficient when I work in the peace and quiet of my home office. I’m able to start early and work to the very last minute before I have to pick up my son from day care.  Everyone knows that life changes when you have children but for me, I never want it to be an excuse for letting our business slow down and for this reason working from home lets me squeeze the most out of each day.

* Doesn’t your job invade your personal life?

Not at all. As soon as my son comes home, its 100% about him. The same before he leaves for daycare but in between I work 150% harder in order to get everything done. As for my husband, he’s use to me lugging my laptop out to dinner when I have live trades and ducking out whenever I need to manage positions.  Of course I try to keep it as discreet as possible but there have been times where the laptop has made an appearance at a 5 star restaurant – albeit only for 10 minutes.

* You became a mum. Did motherhood change your trading practice in any way?

The main change is that it has forced me to work harder faster. As for trading, I think I’ve become more patient which I guess I can credit to my son as well!

* How do you manage to be a mum, a trader, a wife AND a business owner, all at once?

I’m very good at compartmentalizing.  I think if you allow each to filter into the different areas of your life it becomes a mess. Family time is family time. Work time is work time and the only time they intermingle is when I have a live trade on that may need to be managed.


No glass ceiling

* Back in 2010, you told us that men are more instinctive than women when trading, taking the example of Boris and you. Has this changed?

No and in fact this has evolved even more through the years. Boris has become much more of an instinctual short term day trader while I have become a more methodical swing trader.

* You also said:”If you [as a woman] act like there is glass ceiling in the workplace, there will be a glass ceiling”. Do you still have the same opinion?

Yes! Women can do EVERYTHING men can and now I can say that’s true even with a kid.  All you need to do is sleep less.


4 thoughts on “Women in Forex – Kathy Lien: “I’ve become more patient which I guess I can credit to my son””

  1. Work time is work and family time is family. Easily said than done. Well done! Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Good choice, you have already done the good job for extending the young blood
    in future.Methodical swing trader of course no need to watch every minute,but
    need some time for short trade for sudden event.

  3. Good job weldone Kathy i am greatly impresed with your mode of opperation particullerly managing all these,trading, your son amd family at large..and again i like the glass ceiling analogy..i am greatly impressed and encouraged.

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