Women in Forex: Karen Jones: “Delegate as much as possible!”

Karen JonesBack in June 2010, we interviewed Karen Jones, for our “Women in Forex” series, that was published on FXStreet and in the FX Trader Magazine. Five years later, she has taken new and greater responsabilities, but basically thinks the same about being a woman in the industry. A new advice she gives to keep a good balance between personal and professional lives: “Make sure you prioritise the important parts of your life and outsource the rest if you can.”



 Same but different job

* I think you still have the same job than the last time we spoke, in 2010. Has anything changed in your responsabilities?

In many ways I do have the same job, in that I am still Head of FICC technical analysis research for Commerzbank. However, I am now also a Managing Director at the Bank. This has expanded my role into other areas of leadership. These days I represent research in management meetings, help to promote research, have become more involved with the regulatory impact on research, and deal more with personnel issues.

* Do you enjoy it?

It is very different – when you are just looking at charts you come to a decision – do I buy or sell? Management issues are much more complex and there are more ‘grey areas’ , the decision making tends to be more collaborative, it is just an entirely different way of thinking.

* Any other change in the professional field of your life?

Independently of the Bank, I am also developing the social media aspect for the Society of Technical Analysts. The Society increasingly feels that the best way to expand the use of technical analysis and advertise our courses is via social media. So over the past couple of years I have helped to develop and upgrade the STA website, and have now started to work with a marketing consultant and e-journalist. This I find really interesting – we are at the start of building our Facebook page. Communication on Linked-IN, Facebook, Twitter are all different but the platforms increase the flow of information and interaction and that is going to be great to increase awareness of what we do.


Private and personal life: Oursoucing

* In 2010 you told us that “it is hard to work in any demanding job and to balance your personal life” but as you have “grown older the demands of both areas have headed into a natural balance”. Do you still think the same?

I would still agree with that but would add to that now – I get plenty of help these days basically from anyone who is willing! I delegate at work a lot more, where it is possible. Along with my day job and the marketing director role on the board of the STA, I am also in the process of renovating a house and this does not leave much time for ‘relaxation’. Although the focus  of all the projects require different skill sets and it is great to be able to switch off from work mode and go look at, say, tile designs.

*Any advice on how women can balance personal and professional lives, being in the trading industry, now in 2015?

Generally I would say delegate as much as possible!  Employ those that can help, make sure you prioritise the important parts of your life and outsource the rest if you can.


Men versus women? Discipline counts

* Do you still think there is not much differences in the way men and women analyze and trade?

I do not see a lot of difference between men and women trading – you need to be disciplined and focussed.


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