Forex Webinars in November 2013: Top 5 podium

In November 2013, we organized 59 live free webinars and 35 of them were recorded! Here is a list of the most viewed Forex webinars last month on

live webinars#1 Gregor Horvat – Learn Elliott Wave And Spot Trading Opportunities on Real Time Charts – Watch recording

#2 David Pegler – Can You Actually Make Money Trading Forex? – Watch recording

#3 Sam Seiden – Trading Like a Bank in FX – Watch recording

#4 Dirk Du Toit – One Day, One Topic: MONEY MANAGEMENT – Why your money management sucks and what to do about it! – Watch recording

#5 Wayne McDonell – SPECIAL EVENT: Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE – 90th Edition (no recording available)

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