Users spent 277 years on FXStreet in 2015

timeAfter reading a feature published by The Upshot called “The Stories That Held You the Longest in 2015” a few days ago, I stopped and wondered: and on FXStreet, where did people spend most time in 2015?

First of, the total time spent by all users on FXStreet is  2,428,640 hours. When you translate this into years, the number makes one’s head spin: 277 years! And that is only the English version of FXStreet (that also exists in 16 other languages, not included here).

If we look into it by type of content, the pages where our users spent most time are:

Trading tools

Foreign Exchange Rates Live: 356,676 hours, which corresponds to 40 years.
Then directly comes our famous Economic Calendar with a total of 280,040 hours or 32 years.

Analysis tool

Report: “EUR USD Forecast“, the daily report written by our Chief Analyst, Valeria Bednarik: 1646 hours, or 68 days.


Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers – Part 1: Foundation“, a webinar presented by Sam Seiden in 2012, where he shares some important parts of his market timing supply and demand strategy and includes some key odds enhancers that help determine where markets are going to change direction and where they are going to go: 682 hours, which is 28 days.


Making money in forex is easy if you know how the bankers trade!“, an article written by Bradley Gilbert, CTA where he states that to make consistent money out of Forex trading, it all comes down to understanding how the traders at the banks execute and make trading decisions: 985 hours, which equals to 41 days.

At the beginning of January, we will share with you the content that where the most seen on FXStreet in terms of total pageviews (our annual “Top 10“).

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