Two new speakers this week: Carlos Valverde and Jarratt Davis

We are happy to welcome two new traders that will present webinars on this week!

Carlos Valverde: Fade Pattern

Carlos ValverdeCarlos Valverde helps traders build, develop and maintain their trading like a business.

Specialized in Forex, he has an entrepreneurial mindset and started his career with self-studies, observing price action day in day out. Later on he moved to London where he studied and got coaching by veteran traders. There he did in-depth studies on the psychological aspects of the markets and developed a successful system that he currently uses. He has been day trading the markets full time for over 4 years, he founded to help individuals and companies achieve a winning psychology. Besides trading, he practices Kung-Fu since the last 6 years; this helped develop a rock solid discipline that is very important in the markets.

Carlos helped hundreds of traders become profitable in the markets. He avoids non-sense and complicated theories, black-box or indicator trading… Rather he focuses on the real understanding of the markets and their participants, this is what he believes give you the real edge.

He will present his first webinar on today Monday December 16th at at 14 GMT / 09 am EST: How to Trade the Powerful Fade Pattern

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Jarratt Davis: Trade Part Time

Jarratt DavisJarratt has been trading Forex since 2006, and was accepted as a principle trader for the WealthbuilderFX currency trading hedge fund in 2008. The Fund itself is tracked and monitored on the Barclay’s hedge fund data base, which is featured monthly in the Currency trader magazine top 10 hedge fund rankings. He also works as a consultant to various currency trading funds around the world.

Since 2009 he has also been educating and training clients to trade the Forex markets for themselves, developing unique teaching methods including the extremely popular ‘LPT Method’ which focuses each student on the process of testing and proving a strategy thoroughly before trading it consistently to a profit. In 2011 he became the author of the popular book ‘How to trade a currency fund’.

Jarratt will present his first webinar this Thursday (December 19th) at 13 GMT / 08 am EST. He will explain How to trade part time.

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