Trader of the Year Contest: Who’s winning?

The The Trader of the Year Demo Contest 2013 started on June 2nd with 1913 traders competiting. Here is a screenshot of who’s winning at the moment (Top 20).

FXStreet Trader of the Year 2013- Top10-June18

Here are the countries with more competitors: Indonesia 267, India 180, Jordania 81 and Nigeria 79.

iPaulito is taking the lead for now, with +3,948% growth and 197,487.88 profit. Other data for this contestant: 202,487.88 latest equity, 5,000 start equity (as all contestants), 202,487.88 peak equity, 4,167.50 lowest equity. His peak loss is very high though, at 93.1%, the highest of all the Top 10 contestants. More details about all the contestants results, in real time.

The positions of all the contestants vary in real time of course, and there are still 12 days to go before we close the competition… which represents plenty of time and the table might look totally different by the end of the The Trader of the Year Demo Contest 2013, as we’ve seen it happened in previous editions!

The Trader of the Year Demo Contest 2013 is a competition that was open to all individuals who are minimum 18 years old at the time of the contest start, excluding residents of the US, and that will end June 28th, 2013 at 09:00 pm GMT, when all open positions will be closed and all profit and loss (P&L) will be realized.  As last year, the contest is conducted on DEMO accounts only. All contestants started with USD 5,000 of virtual funds in their trading accounts and with a leverage of 1:100. AFB FX sponsors the competition and the winner will be the contestant with the highest Account Equity. For  more details about the prize, please go to the Trader of the Year 2013 Contest page.

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