Top 10 2015: Analysis Articles and Webinars

Top 10 2015

A traditional feature that comes back every year: the top 10 of the content that was the most read or watched by FXStreet’s users during the previous year.

There are 7 categories, by type of content: Analysis Articles, Webinars, Economic Calendar Events, Educational Articles, Trading Books, News and Live Video Shows. The ranking is based on total pageviews.

Today, we unveil the Top 10 Analysis articles and Webinars (almost all of them were recorded so you might want to watch them if you haven’t seen them yet).


  1. 1. EUR USD Forecast by Valeria Bednarik, FXStreet – Daily article in the European morning on the EURUSD recent action and near-term forecast. Technical and fundamental analysis.
  2. 2. EUR USD Technical Analysis by Valeria Bednarik, FXStreet – Two times a day (early American session, and mid-day American session), EURUSD and major pair technical and fundamental analysis.
  3. 3. Trading Analysis Corner by Matt Weller, James Chen and Fawad Razaqzada, – Several updates a day featuring FX pairs, indices and commodities. Great combination between fundamentals and technicals. Very creative titles.
  4. 4. e-Institutional Views by eFXnews Team – Short recaps of major banks analysis on the FX markets. Plenty of technical updates during the day and good previews of big macro events.
  5. 5. Elliott Wave Corner by Gregor Horvat, EW-Forecast – Several updates a day on intraday Elliott Wave analysis featuring diverse FX pairs and related markets as indices or commodities.
  6. 6. Technical Update by Danske Bank Research Team – Daily European morning report to start your day knowing the key technical levels for the major FX pairs.
  7. 7. GBP USD Forecast by Valeria Bednarik, FXStreet – Daily article in the European morning on the GBPUSD recent action and near-term forecast. Technical and fundamental analysis.
  8. 8. Daily FX Market Roundup by Kathy Lien, BK Asset Management – American afternoon daily report on the big themes going on in the markets. Great insights, ‘must know’ stuff to trade.
  9. 9. Forex Live Video – Recordings by FXStreet  Team and guest speakers – Video recordings of FXStreet’s Live Video shows.
  10. 10. GBP USD Technical Analysis by Omkar Godbole, FXStreet – Daily early European morning report about the key technicals and fundamentals of the upcoming day for the GBPUSD.


  1. 1. Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers – Part 1: Foundation with Sam Seiden – In this webinar, Sam shares some important parts of his market timing supply and demand strategy and includes some key odds enhancers that help determine where markets are going to change direction and where they are going to go.
  2. 2. Forex Forecast 2016 – The Panel with Valeria Bednarik, Adam Button, Ashraf Laidi and Boris Schlossberg, Ivan Delgado and Dale Pinkert – What will 2016 bring to the Forex traders? That’s the question our four panelists tried to answer during this special event.
  3. 3. Major Market Moves in 2015 with Sam Seiden – During this session, Sam applies his supply and demand strategy to the major global markets and share major market opportunities for 2015.
  4. 4. Proper Entry, Stops, and Targets for consistently profitable Forex Trading with Sam Seiden – For Sam Seiden, identifying levels is the first step a trader must show good command of. But when it comes to turning this into a profitable strategy, that becomes a little more challenging. In this webinar, Sam deals with this challenge with specific rules for specific entry stops and targets.
  5. 5. Routine of a Trader  with Navin Prithyani – Navin Prithyani discusses the necessary routines he uses for trading. “One thing I really dislike is sitting on my desk and just looking for trades. I have to prepare well before sitting down to trade. The flow and rhythm of the market, what news will affect me, is this even a good day to trade? etc.”
  6. 6. Important Forex Foundation – Part II with Navin Prithyani – Many aspiring traders have learned the very basics of Forex in a very unusual way from all kinds of random sources on the internet. The focus always seems to be “What do I need to know today so I can pull the trigger?”. The unnecessary rush to learn to create progress, makes many individuals to simple skim through the most important aspect – the foundation – the key basics required for Forex.
  7. 7. Support and Resistance Re-engineered with Navin Prithyani – Navin Prithyani explains his way of viewing Support and Resistance. This very basic yet very important aspect should not be overlooked as basic and put aside.
  8. 8. Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE – 114th Edition – SPECIAL EVENT with Wayne McDonell – In this webinar hosted by Wayne McDonell for more than 9 years provides live play-by-play commentary and analysis during the release of the US Employment Report
  9. 9. Finding The Best Place To Trade On The Chart (A Simple Checklist) with Walter Peters – In this session Walter Peters shows how easy it is to spot the “reversal zones” on the chart using a simple three step methodology. You will also know when to take a trade on these zones and when to leave the market alone.
  10. 10. Finding High Quality Turning Points with Brandon Wendell, CMT – Brandon Wendell discusses how he identifies entry and exit points on multiple timeframes when trading the forex markets. He also examines how to locate and judge the quality of the zones before taking a trade.

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