Top 10 of 2014: Webinars videos and Analysis articles

Top 10 FXStreet 2014And here go another year: this week we will give you the lists of the most viewed content and their authors on our website during 2014. There are 7 different categories of content. Today it’s Analysis Articles and Webinars videos. Are they among your favorite on FXStreet?


  1. 1. Trading Like a Bank Basics by Sam Seiden – Sam begins to train you to stop thinking and trading like a retail trader and start thinking and trading like a bank.
  2. 2. SCALPING – High Frequency FX Trading by Sam Seiden – Sam shares the logic and High Frequency Trading rules to help you understand and properly execute.
  3. 3. Scanning for FX Opportunities using Institutional Supply and Demand by Sam Evans – Sam shows you how to look for institutional levels and the markets which are creating the most activity and the best low risk high reward opportunities.
  4. 4. Finding Key Profit Zones in Forex by Sam Seiden – Sam explains you how starting your analysis with identifying key profit zones simplifies your analysis process and can really improve your trading performance.
  5. 5. Fresh Levels and Profit Zones by Sam Seiden – Sam covers two very important components of trading, identifying fresh supply and demand levels and significant profit zones while applying it in the live markets.
  6. 6. Managing Risk Investable by Juan Colón – How to define your risk appetite, place every trade within it, and become an investable asset.
  7. 7. ORDER FLOW – Understanding Order Flow in Simple Terms by Navin Prithyani – Navin shows you  how spotting a good order flow in the market can give you days in a month where performance can be tripled or quadrupled.
  8. 8. Inter Market Analysis Trading Forecasts by Greg Firman – Greg reviews of some of the major pairs and how to apply inter market analysis when making a trade decision.
  9. 9. Beat the EA by Jack Inman – Jack introduces users to his own unique “Beat the EA” competition to show differences in performance.
  10. 10. Taking Entries by Chris Lori – Chris discusses the specific price behaviors looked for when taking on a trade, the mechanics driving the price behavior and a framework of how the entry is managed.


  1. 1. EUR USD Technical Analysis by Valeria Bednarik (FXStreet) – Valeria Bednarik gives us the intraday keys for major pairs, combining fundamental news with technical analysis and probable entry points.
  2. 2. Intraday Technical Video Alerts by ForexTrading.TV Team (ForexTrading.TV) – The ForexTrading.TV team reviews different pairs and assets, providing a neat intraday technical perspective for each one of them.
  3. 3. EUR USD Forecast by Valeria Bednarik (FXStreet) – Valeria Bednarik reviews specifically the EUR/USD pair early European morning, and offers an intraday forecast for the price’s probable behavior.
  4. 4. Trading Analysis Corner by Team ( – The Team publishes daily basis a complete review of currency pairs and indexes, both technical and fundamentally analyzed.
  5. 5. Technical Update by Danske Research Team (Danske Bank A/S) – The Danske Research Team offers daily basis trading ideas for major crosses based on trend and technical analysis.
  6. 6. USD CHF Analysis by Igor Sayadov (RoboForex) – Igor Sayadov from RoboForex brings his particular perspective on currencies and commodities in his daily report.
  7. 7. Elliott Wave Corner by Gregor Horvat (EW-Forecast) – Gregor Horvat from EW-Forecast, reviews majors through Elliot Wave analysis, providing investors with a daily probable trading opportunity.
  8. 8. Forex News Round Up by Stuart McPhee (MarketPulse) – Stuart McPhee offers a fundamental-inclined review of different tradable assets, focusing in the key market mover of the day.
  9. 9. Daily Fx Market Roundup by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien (BK Asset Management) – In this daily report, Boris Schlossberg from BK Asset Management resumes the main fundamental events of the day that can affect currencies.
  10. 10. Elliott Wave Analysis by Igor Sayadov (RoboForex) – Igor Sayadov from RoboForex presents a brief Elliot Wave Analysis  intraday review of the major pairs.

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