Top 10 of 2014: Economic Data and Educational Articles

Top 10 - 2014Second post about the most seen content on our website in 2014: most checked events and data in our Economic Calendar and most read Educational Articles.

Top 10 part 1: Webinars and Analysis




Once again in 2014, Central Banks led the most viewed calendar pages, but for the wrong reasons (excepted in the US): growth concerns. Economic slowdown has been the main theme this past year, and that’s clear when you see Chinese Manufacturing PMI standing among our top 10. US employment figures, no surprise, are at the top of the list, but in this particular case, for positive reasons: the US growth outstood in relation to the rest of the biggest economies of the world. The imbalance between economic policies, the FED ending its QE programs and close to raise rates versus both the ECB and the BOJ still in the stimulus-injections phase, will probably keep on gathering attention for most of 2015.

  1. 1. US Nonfarm Payrolls
  2. 2. ECB President Draghi’s Speech
  3. 3. ECB Interest Rate Decision
  4. 4. US Fed’s Yellen Speech
  5. 5. US FOMC Minutes
  6. 6. BOE’s Governor Carney speech
  7. 7. China HSBC Manufacturing PMI
  8. 8. Fed Interest Rate Decision
  9. 9. BoJ Interest Rate Decision
  10. 10. ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference


  1. 1. Lessons From the Pros by Online Trading Academy – Weekly article that contains trading lessons and real-world examples of simple, rule-based strategies in action.
  2. 2. Lessons From the Pros – Forex by Online Trading Academy – These articles focused on Forex are part of Lessons from the Pros’ newsletter and provide a complete look across multiple Forex trading issues.
  3. 3. Making money in Forex is easy if you know how the bankers trade! by Bradley Gilbert, CTA (Traders4Traders) – Brad helps you to understand how the traders at the banks execute and make their trading decisions.
  4. 4. Lessons From the Pros – Stocks by Online Trading Academy – Weekly trading lesson focused on stocks included in the Lessons from the Pros’ newsletter
  5. 5. The Traders Podcast by Rob Booker – A daily podcast produced and presented by Rob Booker where he shares his charismatic and personal style of trading for a living.
  6. 6. 3 Price action strategies for forex traders by Jarratt Davis – A first approximation to the three most classic types of price action techniques: Head and shoulders, Pin bars and Wedge patterns.
  7. 7. Trading Lessons by Jarrat Davis – Series of educational videos presented by Jarrat Davis that helps you improve your trading through useful tips and lessons.
  8. 8. Is MT5 better than MT4? by Christian Poed (IG) – This report provides a detailed comparison between MT5 and MT4 that will help Forex retail traders have a better idea of what these platforms offer.
  9. 9. The top 10 reasons why traders fail by Dave Floyd (Aspen Trading Group) – Dave Floyd explains his own experience as a trader and warns about common mistakes that most traders usually make.
  10. 10. Ten Great Trading Quotes by Tom Williams (GO Markets) – This article collects some of the most famous quotes about trading from the greats.


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