SNB surprise decision: FXStreet coverage

Switzerland SurpriseIf the year 2015 is at the image of January 15th in the trading world, then it has every chance to be very bumpy! As you all know, that day¬† at 10:30 am local time, the Swiss National Bank surprisingly announces the end of Swiss Franc’s peg to the Euro at 1.20 EUR/CHF. Panic among traders. The news spreads instantaneously. FXStreet intensively and thoroughly covers the news and its impact on the currencies that day, and the following days. Traders massively visit our website for analysis and updates. And find a lot of information.

This translates in amazing numbers for our website, most of them are records in our not so short history (FXStreet was born in 2000). Instead of a long blabla, a few numbers in image will clearly show what happened. Continue reading SNB surprise decision: FXStreet coverage