Come and join us at the August FXStreet meetups

MeetUpIn August we keep on doing our monthly meetups in Istanbul and Sydney, a wonderful opportunity to meet other traders and learn more about forex.

From Fibonacci to due diligence, are you ready?

Istanbul – 2nd August – The Fibonacci analysis and the connection with the trader profile

It will be conducted by Ateşhan Aybars and Onur Çakir our host and team leader, about the Fibonacci analysis and trader profile. We will meet at our sponsor’s headquarters XTB for an hour of learning about Forex all together.

Ateshan Aybars is a Turkish economist and TV celebrity, CTA and Biomedical Engineer. He is currently working for BloombergHT as commentator. Together with Onur Çakir they will explore how Fibonacci analysis can be very helpful, whether you are investing in stocks or ETFs, or even daytrading the forex market.

Free registration, via and takes less than 1 minute.

Sydney- 7th August- Due Diligence: Is there a place for due diligence in FX trading? Continue reading Come and join us at the August FXStreet meetups