On strike against violence

This Sunday, Spanish police injured more than eight hundred people in Catalonia. Today, we want to express our condemnation of those acts and support all nonviolent forms of expression. This is why we have decided to join today’s general strike called by the civil society in Catalonia.

FXStreet has its headquarters located in Barcelona, Catalonia. In this region of Spain, last Sunday, people celebrated a referendum for the independence, called by the Catalan government and deemed illegal by Spain.

Some of us, our parents, grandparents, and children were voting when Spanish police headed to the poll stations to requisition ballot boxes and exerted a disproportionate use of force to the peaceful resistance found. The images speak for themselves.

Attacking the population for casting a vote is not acceptable in modern Europe. We must stand-up against those who use violence, no matter which is the excuse or who is the perpetrator.

We are very sad to let our users down for one single trading day, but we feel it is our duty too to protect this nonviolent principle.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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