What’s going on with Japan and the Yen?

japanThrough a new series of articles, we have decided to have a look at the economic situation in Japan and to what’s going with the Yen. Persistent deflation, slow GDP growth and an overvalued currency have all contributed to the nations economic stagnation over the past couple of decades. A nation, which has made a truly significant impact on how the world has developed in recent centuries, is at a crossroads.

This special report will be made of 4 chapters:

  1. Japan, an economic history
  2. BoJ policies & Japan Fiscal year consolidation (to be published)
  3. USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and the GBP/JPY forecast (to be published)
  4. Fundamental forecast (to be published)

timeline-japanThe first chapter, written by Gus Farrow, is made of 3 parts and has been published yesterday:

Part 1: Sowing the seeds

Part 2: Entering the World Stage

Part 3: Boom, Bust & Abenomics

We also have prepared an infographic to illustrate this first chapter on history: a timeline of the Japanese Economic Situation.


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