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yen-japonAfter the first chapter published last week on the Economic History  of Japan, we are publishing this week the 3 more articles around the topic “What’s going on with Japan and the Yen?”. We are now studying BoJ policies, fiscal year consolidation and of course how the Yen is behaving… and is expected to behave in the mid and long term, from a fundamental and technical point of view:

BoJ policies & Japan Fiscal year consolidation by Valeria Bednarik

New blood reached the Japanese government when Shinzo Abe became the Prime Minister of Japan in December 2012. Even before winning the elections, Abe anticipated a tough hand to fight the country economic stagnation and deflation, by driving down the yen. [Read article]

Fundamental Valuation – JPY Forecast by Alberto Muñoz

Fundamentally speaking, there are several reasons why yen has depreciated more than a 20% in the last six months. First of all, the increase in the size of the Quantitative Easing program by the Fed in September 2012 increased risk appetite in the markets. Therefore the yen completely reversed its trend as Japanese companies and investors increased notably their demand of foreign assets. [Read article]

The Japanese Yen – Saving the economy with a weaker currency by Adam Narczewski

With March coming to an end and the Japanese Yen retracing from multi-year highs at 96.65 to trade at currently 94.00 zone, investors are expecting on what’s going on with the Yen. Market is focused on the 100.00 if we speak about the USD/JPY, but what we can really expect from the Nipon currencies in the middle term? [Read article]

And or our Spanish-speaking friends will find Valeria and Alberto’s articles in their language too:

Políticas del BOJ y consolidación sobre el cierre del año fiscal por Valeria Bednarik

Valoración Fundamental – Pronóstico para el JPY por Alberto Muñoz



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