Rob Booker’s Trading for a Living USA Road Trip

Rob BookerFrom April 1st 2013, Rob Booker will travel from California to New York, living from a $10,000 trading account, and talking to traders along the way about what it takes to trade for a living.

Rob will meet traders and interview them for the Traders Podcast. He will also be doing a video every weekday, abour where he is and what he does.

Crazy idea?

In the Traders Podcast #133 Rob explained how this crazy idea started: “The house where I live is going to be sold. I saw this amazing house in Arizona and I thought “that it’s the house that I want”. You got to earn something like that. You have to get serious about really trying to make it work, cut your expenses down, reduce before you expend… So I’m gonna go on the road and trade my way into that house. I’m gonna start a $10,000 trading account before I go and I’m gonna attempt to live off of the profits from that account as I go.”

This trip could be seen as an experiment and life experience at the same time: “That’s the kind of stuff that really gets traders serious about doing well: when you have a really aspirational and inspirational goal. I’m gonna have a moving company come and sell most of what I have and put the rest in storage. And I’m gonna do what we talk about: not only live a comfortable live that is available to me, I’m gonna see if someone can live during a month with a trading account of 10.000$ and see what happens to me if I can’t.”

Rob added that he will be posting the real time Profit and Loss on his website.

This is a map with the cities where Rob plans to stop.

Rob USA tour map

Rob wants to meet traders along the road… They are invited to fill a form to have Rob stop to their house!

You can follow Rob from his blog on

Rob also created a Facebook page called “Man Vs Market” where you also can keep track of Rob’s USA trip. And he’ll also be keep in touch on Twitter: @robbooker and Instagram: @robbooker

We very much like this idea here at, and we accepted to be Media partner!

Good luck, Rob!

8 thoughts on “Rob Booker’s Trading for a Living USA Road Trip”

  1. I think this is a great idea…doin the same thing myself. all be it i’m not traveling across the country but I am trading for a living and its great! Best of luck to you all..Happy trading.

  2. ¿ Donde podemos ver los resultados de las operaciones que se supone que realiza ? ¿ en que página las muestra ????


    1. Rosam,
      Rob Booker inició su viaje hace 3 días. Por ahora no he visto sus resultados de trading.

  3. Gracias Maud

    En principio lo pregunto por esta frase que copio y pego literal
    Rob added that he will be posting the real time Profit and Loss on his website.
    Los busqué para ver que tal pero no los encontré. Gracias de nuevo.

  4. Rosam, Rob just told me: “I am finally getting the account funded and by Monday we will have a MyFXBook page – with widgets and everything that can be installed anywhere. The results will be on but I will also put them up on”

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