Projects Ideas Day at’s Headoffice

Yesterday was a special day at All of the staff at our Barcelona headoffice took a break from their usual tasks to take part in a first-time experience.

We all met at 09:00 am and started the day by watching a video about how the company IDEO comes up with new ideas and projects. Then we were explained a technique to develop new ideas or solve issues, called the “Mind Map”. After that, the day itself took off!

We were divided in 4 teams made of members of all departments (content, IT, design, marketing and administration) with one same  assignment: to develop a project that could be applied to as a company and/or as a website. No more limitations were given to our imagination, besides the fact it should be a realistic project. Each group brainstormed and started to develop the paper ideas by listing the practical aspects, preparing mock-ups and building a presentation for the rest of the team.

Around 5h30 pm, we all gathered again and each group presented its project to the rest of the company. Finally, a vote took place among the groups and the members of the management team. The winners received an enormous plate of Donuts (which were of course shared with the whole staff)!

I won’t reveal the ideas here, because we intend to put them into place and some will be made public when implemented.

This “day off” could take place because the members of our external team covered the market and took care of the website content during the full day, so we take this opportunity to thank them all!

project day group1 project team 2 project team 2 project team 4

projects day presentations

projects day winners

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