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In May famous financial strategist and advisor Martin Armstrong visited us at FXStreet for a 1-hour interview that we recorded. Well, over 12.000 people saw this interview! That is an impressive number. Most of them watched the video when it was released, but viewers keep coming to our website to watch it every day since then.

The full version of the interview is  only available on FXStreet. We also made short extracts of some of his most interesting answers, that are available on FXStreet but also on Youtube (on this channel, the video extracts got more than 5,500 views so far).

A rare document

Recording Martin Armstrong InterviewIn this interview, we asked Martin Armstrong to share his views on many troubling issues involving money and financial markets. We purposely took a different angle from the documentary movie about him – “The Forecaster” – not inquiring Martin about the injustice he and his family had to go through in recent years, and instead tried to plunge into the mind of an individual who discovered how the world ticks through the lens of a computer model.

We listened him talking about gold standards, interest rates, what money really is, the Euro and European debt, Grexit, taxation, the Swiss peg, oil, stock markets, elimination of cash, and many more fundamental topics of today’s world economy.

This is a rare document that really goes beyond the personal – and exceptional – life of this man to get to the heart of his vision of the markets and global economy.

Watch the interview now

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