The #NewFXstreet will be here soon

Many of you experienced it yesterday: we tested the launch of FXStreet’s new website and it was up for a few hours in the European morning, though slow and unstable. We managed to relaunch it in a steady environment during the American morning, but then around 1 GMT last night the site crashed. That’s when we decided to revert back to the “old” FXStreet site because we are committed to providing the best service to help traders and we were not prepared to give up now.

We want to apologize for a unstable day to all of you who experienced it when surfing FXStreet yesterday, though we are pretty sure you understand these kinds of hiccups are almost always part of improvement and launch processes.

We want to thank you for your patience and for getting in touch with us to help us improve. This test launch and the previous beta site experiment have been extremely valuable in terms of feedbacks: we collected the opinions and bugs alerts from around 2300 users in the last three weeks. It’s a mine of information that we will thoroughly analyze and take into account.

We will now take time to study what happened and work to ensure our real launch is a success. Our priority is to offer a smoothly running website that gives all users the best experience possible.

Our team will roll up its sleeves once again and work hard to assure the site is working under all circumstances. This may sound like a cheap marketing slogan, but it is really true: FXStreet is made for you, traders, and we are willing to work together with you to continue building the website we want.

The #NewFXStreet will be here soon!