New Structure for website

“Changes, changes, changes” at!

New navigation, new menu and new pages on our website. Why? A more logical and easy-to-use website. We’ve been studying how to improve the user experience on our website and help traders to find and access our tools and most important pages more quickly.

Our new menu looks like this:

New Menu

The most important changes are:

1. Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is now a point on the main menu. The Fundamental section disappears.

We’ve also created a “Countries” page where you can browse all economies that are covered in our economic calendar. These pages contain basic data about the country, graphs with the economic releases and currency pairs.

Economic Calendar Countries page

The World Interest Rates table will still be available on our website but under the Economic Calendar section.

2. Technical

The Technical section is maintained but sees its content profoundly changed: it will contain the Currencies-at-a-Glance tool (now called “Currencies“) and the  My Studies dashboard with their customizable widgets.

Technical Studies Page

3. Analysis

A new section is created: “Analysis“. It gathers all the reports published on our website by our own team and by all our external contributors. The reports will be classified in different categories: Macroeconomics, Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas. There will also be a new subsection: the Experts Forecast Currencies Poll.

Finally, the Platforms section is not on the menu anymore: it will be available under the Brokers section. This page offer a list of Expert Advisors and Technical Indicators to be integrated on trading platforms.

In Spanish we say: “Renovarse o morir”… Dying is not an option. We’ve decided to change… just like David Bowie sang 😉

30 thoughts on “New Structure for website”

    1. Dear Ramanan,
      Thanks for your message and sorry for the inconvenience.
      The chart on this page is overlaping the “I got it” button through which you would be able to close this gray layer. Go to and close it from there by clicking on the orange “I got it button”. Thanks and we’ll try and fix that bug you found!

  1. That’s perfect site with lots of valuable info. about Market on time
    Now i am experiencing new marvelous feature
    Thanks a lot

  2. I want to be updated because of very informative and useful site which help me for my forex planning and day to day requirement of forex.

  3. As a result of your New Structure for website,I am unable to access info from your” contributors to “Technical Analysis Report”

    Kindly indicate how I can find these reports.

    1. As explained in this post here above, all the reports are now under “Analysis“. In particular, those reports who were in “Technical Analysis Report” you are referring to can be found in Analysis > Technical Analysis:
      Our reports are now published under 3 new categories: Macroeconomics, Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas.
      I hope it helps!

  4. I only want to see the live forein exchange currencies.
    I have no idea how to get there

  5. Hi,
    i have an account with you to see my watchlist.. but when i click no page appears.. i am following your contributors there.. now tell me have you removed that feture

    1. Thanks for your message, umair. We will look into this, it’s a bug, the option has not been removed. In the meantime, if you want to be able to read our contributors’ content from the Watchlist, you can remove /reports/ in the url.. For example: -> Take out /reports/ and navegate
      Hope it helps. We’ll try and have this bug fixed asap!

      1. Dear umair, the bug was fixed and you can access all your reports from your Watchlist as usual!

  6. no matter how many times I clicked the orange “I got it” button, the website doesn’t respond. Can’t you just remove the gray layer off?

    1. As agreed by email, and since all the solutions we tried to fix the problem aren’t working, we’ll remove the gray layer with the change information message from IE. Sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

  7. I can’t access The annoying “Got It” overlay won’t go away.

    Can you please turn it OFF!

    Thank you

    1. Dear Jim, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.
      Can you please tell me from which page and on which browser you’re trying to click on the “I got it” button? If you could send me a screenshot that would help (maud at
      It was problematic on Internet Explorer and we removed it there, and it should work fine on other browsers too.

      You can try these solutions:

      – refresh the page (ctrl + f5)
      – try from another browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE,…)
      – try from another page of our website, for example:


  8. It is a great progress to see how your site has been restructured.
    All information required is present at a glance .
    I surely will recommand to my friends and wish you success and great recognition.
    Many thanks !!

    1. If you allow cookies in your browser, once you’ve close the gray layer, it will not appear again 😉 The gray layer will be removed later this week anyway.

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