Renewed organization of homepage and Technical subhome

These days we’ve been doing some slight changes in the layout and content organization of two important pages on our website: the homepage,, and the Technical section subhome. Changes have been made in the way information is presented and organized.

The idea is to improve the navegation for the users and help them find the information quicker. Only heavy users will probably notice the modifications but we are aiming at making things smoother and easier so if you don’t notice anything it means it looks good, doesn’t it? 😉

One change that has been applied to the homepage and all the subhomes is that now all the titles are linked.

 home_linked title


We have gathered all the news together in the upper part of the page. The “Trader’s Eye” box is now under the news. We created a “Technical and Fundamental Analysis” section at the center of the page, next to the Latest Updated Reports list. The Educational resources have been moved from the bottom to the center of the page, in the lateral column. Finally, the Currencies-At-A-Glance box has all the information gathered in a smaller area. Overall, the new homepage is shorter than the old one.

Want to compare?

Forex Street. Homepage beforeForex Street Homepage After

Technical Subhome

On the new Technical section subhome, the first shot area offers a quick view of the most important technical information and reports. It also includes buttons to access the main resources of the section: Currencies-At-A-Glance, Forex Studies, Forecast Poll and Current Trading Positions. We also gathered better the content on this page so it’s visually clearer and more appealing. Have a look at the new Technical subhome!

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