New Favicon for FaviconAfter 10 years using the same favicon, we did the dusting and created a new icon that is more in the line with our coporate identity. A favicon is the icon associated with a particular Web site or Web page.

The old favicon was red and black… we changed it to blue and orange (our corporate colors) with a transparent background.

See for yourself the difference:

Old version:

favicon old

New version:

favicon new

The change was done a few days ago and it takes a while for the browsers to display the new favicon, so you might not see it yet… or maybe on some browsers and not on others.

The new favicon will appear on all our websites: FXstreet in all its languages, the Forex Network ( and our About Us page (

2 thoughts on “New Favicon for”

  1. The new favicon will be perfect if the colour of X letter become brighter and both letters become thicker.

    1. Thanks for your input, Michael. Our designer explained me that a higher brightness would modify the color of the X and would not be our corporate orange anymore. About thickness, make it bigger would first, change proportions in the letters and second, it would remove the pixels that we have on the X and which are the identity of our logo.

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