Nenad Kerkez and George Hallmey now on Premium

Starting this month, two excellent Forex analysts and traders will join our Premium Webinars service: Nenad Kerkez and George Hallmey.

Nenad Kerkez: intra day trading

Nenad KerkezNenad Kerkez is a full time trader and analyst who has been in the market since 2008 and works closely with Admiral Markets as their Senior Lecturer and Market Analyst. He will be once per month on Premium.

“My main style and specialty is intra day trading with occasional intra week swing trading. Intraday trading is considered both positional trend and breakout trading“, explains Nenad.

Throughout the year, Nenad will be teaching Premium members new Price Action methods that have been a part of my PNT method (Practical naked Trading ).

George Hallmey: trend and contrarian trading

George HallmeyGeorge Hallmey has been presenting open webinars for 5 years. He will conitnue hosting one webinar per month, but for our Premium members only!

George Hallmey has traded different markets over more than ten years. These include UK & US Shares, Commodities, Interest Rate futures and Forex. George has had a background in education as teacher of Strategic Management and Faculty manager in Further and Higher education in the UK. George is a largely self taught and has been heavily influenced by some of the traders he has interviewed and traded with.

Here is what George told us about his trading style:
“My trading style is trend following and then contrarian to catch explosive reversals. My technical tool kit includes several methods specifically for trends such as channels with my Swing trend and Activity Index. Contrarian reversal analysis is frequently based on Fibonacci and Elliott Wave.”

What can you expect from his webinars?
“Over the coming months we will be looking at live Forex markets and how these technical tools can help determine trend strength, direction and likely reversal zones.”

14 speakers on Premium

With these two new experts, we now have 14 different speakers that present Forex webinars evert month on FXStreet! The others are: Ed Ponsi, Sam Seiden, Wayne McDonell, Walter Peters, Steve Ruffley, Navin Prithyani, Rob Colville, Alex Ong, David Pegler, Gregor Horvat, Mark de la Paz and Giuseppe Basile.

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