FXStreet Meetup in New York about ‘Trading Technically with a Fundamental Edge’

Trading Technically with a Fundamental Edge” is the title of the next Meetup that FXStreet organizes tomorrow, 10th of July in New York.  The guest speaker for this trading group is Edward Moya, Chief Technical Strategist at World Wide Markets. New York Traders Group is lead by Chris Tramount. This session will deal with the hard battle of making money in the forex market for the retail trader.

While hundreds of technical indicators exist, and with the potential to adjust parameters to countless options, the importance of having a rules based technical analysis methodology is important, but likely will have difficulty standing on its own without understanding market sentiment and what some of the triggers are for the algorithmic trading systems. In this session, Moya will go over what are some of his favorite technical indicators/strategies, understanding market behavior and what big picture fundamental indicators/events he follows.

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About Edward Moya

Edward J. Moya is the Chief Technical Strategist at World Wide Markets, New York. Over the past nine years, Moya has become one of the leading financial trading educators worldwide. Ed Moya has more than 15 years of experience trading and investing in stocks, options, futures and forex. Over the last eight years, he has worked with some of the largest, international forex brokerages and leading educational schools. Moya began trading technology and bank stocks in the late 1990s and then focused on futures and options trading. In early 2006, Moya became a broker for Global Forex Trading, where he excelled at educating the firm’s high net-worth clients. Prior to becoming a Market Strategist at FX Solutions, Moya was the Vice President of Institutional Sales. His analysis included market reactions to geo-political events and monetary policies in U.S., Europe and the Middle East and North Africa region. From 2012-2013 he was the Chief Currency Strategist for Trading Advantage, where he worked on Larry Levin’s team, created the Forex Educational course and ran its forex trading room.

About FXStreet Meetups

FXStreet Meetups aim to build a relationship with traders around the word. Experts and members of the group are invited to share their experiences and opinions at the monthly meetups in different cities worldwide. Join us in Barcelona, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Istanbul and Singapore!


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