Meet Setxi, FXStreet’s CEO

Today we have a special guest in our series of FXStreet Team interviews: Setxi, our new CEO. One of the company founders, Setxi, who originally was the IT developer of the website, has been COO for several years. He now faces a new role at FXStreet, as Chief Executive Officer. In our interview, he reveals the new direction of his job position and its daily challenges, as well as some more personal tastes and activities.

Setxi at work

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How does a day in the life of the CEO at FXStreet look?

I have insomnia problems and when I can’t sleep I start working. Depending on the hour, I try to sleep again but if I don’t succeed, I go to the office. At the office, I invest my time in meetings, reading new and useful information and working on Excel sheets. Nowadays, I rarely program 🙁 

I stop one hour for lunch and I try to do it alone because it’s a moment that I use to disconnect. I leave the office very late (too late in fact… I have to change that) and I go to pick up my son or directly go home. At home, I help with homework and sometimes I make dinner and lunch for the next day. We always have dinner together, it’s a time to share things with my family (I have two kids). After that, I check silly things over the Internet, I listen to music and I go to sleep.

You have recently replaced Carolina May as CEO. What do you like best about your new job position?

It’s too soon to say I guess. Now all I can see is that I have more work than before! What I like best so far is having the opportunity to stay in touch with team members that I have never worked with. It’s a pleasure working with them.

What do you like least about your job?

With no doubt I hate talking in public because I get nervous, I start sweating, I lose my voice and I always forget things to say.

If you were not FXStreet’s CEO, what would you like to do for a living?

I would be working for myself in something else related with technology. I’ve always known I wanted to have my company. I have managed many parallel projects but I could not dedicate the necessary time to make them work. Make a living out of a project requires a lot of efforts.

Animated gifs are often used in internal emails among collaborators at FXStreet… share with us a gif that you particularly like!

I am very sorry but I HATE animated gifs. I think that we have plenty of them without any sense. I usually have them blocked.

Hahahah! I think you are the first one to say so 😉 What about music? We almost all put our headphones on when working here at the office.  What do you usually listen to?

I listen to many different music styles but almost all of them have an electronic beat. I like simple melodies and especially the ones played by a bass. I can listen to techno, cold wave, synthpop, post-punk, flamenco or salsa. I buy a lot of electronic music on vinyl.

Your favorite bands of the moment?

I am bit disconnected, the latest bands that I’ve listened a lot were Future Islands, War on Drugs and Molly Nilson.

Any weird habit you have when working?

I have to confess that I eat hundreds of Juanolas.

What are they?

They are pills made of natural ingredients as menthol, eucalyptus and licorice. They are sold in drugstores and were created by a pharmacist from Barcelona.



What are the software, websites or tools you mostly use at work?

Google Analytics, G-suite, Keep, spreadsheets and notes.

Setxi in his personal life

What do you typically do when you get out of the office?

I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Do you have a specific hobby?

Drinking beer is a hobby? 😉 Talking seriously, I love music. I really like going to concerts. Also, I like to go skiing, sailing and cooking. Cooking is the activity that relaxes me the most!  And if I ever get lost you will find me in a snowed mountain or in a boat.

What are your holiday plans for this summer?

This summer I don’t have any special plan. We have a house in a town where the kids love to stay, I will go there to spend some days.

What are your favorite websites? Do not say FXStreet 😉

Discogs, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. It’s where I find all the albums that I want to buy and where I discover new things, like bands or record companies.

What is the last movie you’ve watched? Would you recommend it?

Without sleeping in the middle of it? I don’t like to watch movies, I’m unable to watch a movie without falling asleep. The last movie that I have watched until the end was the last film of Star Wars and it was really hard not to fall asleep with my kids. They watched alone the spin-off of Star Wars. Haha!

I will pretend that we do not know the answer… and ask this question just for the tradition 😉 Do you support the Barça?

As a CEO I will have to change this last question 😉 Because it is assumed that we have to support the Barça. Barça is not a football team, it’s a company like Disneyworld. Actually, one of my nasty dreams is to see Disney as a sponsor of Barça’s football team. I am Perico, a PROUD Perico (a huge fan of Espanyol’s football team). When I see someone walking around the Ramblas in Barcelona wearing a white and blue shirt I know this person is real Perico. If someone wears Madrid or Barcelona’s shirt they are tourists, for sure.

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