Meet Adinda, FXStreet’s Indonesian Site Team Leader

While we’re headquartered in Barcelona, our website wouldn’t be the same without its 30 co-workers around the world who help to cover the markets 24/5 in different languages. Today we want to present you one of our international team members. Adinda Firdaus, Indonesian Site Team Leader, is in charge of performing various tasks to support the content department under the supervision of different areas. Adinda explains to us how working at FXStreet is for her and how she manages her time as a working mother.

Adinda at work

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How does a day in the life of the Indonesian Site Team Leader at FXStreet look?

Besides doing my job, I’m pretty busy being a mother of two kids. I woke up at 5 AM to prepare my kids before going to school and I make breakfast. At 6:30 AM I start reading my email. Afterwards, I check our economic calendar,  our charts and I look the latest updates from the English site of FXStreet. Then, I start translating the news and reports with my team and I update our Indonesian social media channel. I organize my tasks and shift with my team to manage my time and to take my break on time to pick up my kids from school. The main thing is that I have to make sure that the Indonesian website is well updated.

Tell us a bit more about the Indonesian website.

We translate the English news to Indonesian since November 2011, and we have continued with the Analysis section in July 2013 with translated in-house analysis reports and external content by Contributors that post their daily analysis at FXStreet. Also, we provide the Rates and Charts section and Technical Studies which are very informative because they are useful tools to traders. On the other hand, our working hours are from 7:00 AM to 05:00 PM, but we translate news to cover big events (such as the NFP and the ECB) outside our working hours to deliver an updated situation to our readers.

If you were not the Indonesian Site Team Leader of FXStreet, what would you like to do for a living?

I worked as a website designer on my previous job, so I would take some projects to build websites. Or maybe I would fill my other interest: I would take a course to become a makeup artist, who knows!

What do you like best about your job?

Before joining FXStreet, I was learning Forex and I had interest to trade currencies. I like to know where the market is going. I enjoy technical analysis so with my job I learn many things from markets. Also, the team at FXStreet is very supportive and helpful.

What do you like least about your job? 

I’m in touch with my work colleagues through hangouts or email and sometimes it feels a bit lonely. Also, when there’s no movement on markets it can be a bit boring reading the news.

You work from home. It’s a pretty special condition to work remotely 100% of the time. Do you like it?

Of course, I like it so much because it’s more flexible and I can manage my time as a working mom, while I keep an eye on my kids anytime. Also, I can wear my worn-out favorite t-shirt without worrying.

Do you work in a quiet environment or do you put music or radio?

It depends on my mood, sometimes I like a quiet environment if I need to focus on my job and other times I put music all day as long it’s not hard music.

What is your favorite band or singer at the moment?

I don’t have any favorite band or singer, I just hear any music that I like. I play music on YouTube playlists.

Any unconfessed vice or weird habits you have when working?

I’m working from home so I can freely do what I couldn’t do at the office. I don’t know if I have any weird habit, maybe I just don’t realize it because no one complains.

Animated gifs are often used in internal emails among collaborators at FXStreet… Share with us a gif that you particularly like!

I’m not sure if this gif has been used on internal emails, but this one is cute 🙂

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Adinda in her personal life

What do you typically do when you finish your working day?

Usually, I watch TV, I spare my time cooking with my kids, I, wash the dishes and the clothes … everything that a mom needs to do 😀 And secretly enjoying snacks or treats (so my kids won’t snatch it from me).

What are your holiday plans for 2017?

I don’t have any specific plan yet, but I think that going to a camping with my family could be a good idea.

What are your favorite websites? Do not say FXStreet 😉

Google is my favorite haha. I can search almost everything that I need to know.

Do you have a specific hobby?

I like doing handcraft, like decoupage, wrapping and beading. I’m far from becoming an expert but I can create cute bracelets or necklaces beads for my little girl or wrap a nice birthday gift for her friends.

Do you have a pet? Share a picture of it!

Yes, I have so many pets: cats, a canary bird, a turtle, a fish, a rabbit, and a cat named Bola which it’s four months old.

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What is the last movie you’ve watched? Would you recommend it?

The last movie that I’ve watched is an animated one: Moana. I love animated movies but the other reason is that my kids are always with us when we’re going to the cinema. If you love animated films, you’ll like this one.


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