Market Cycles: 3-hour webinar with Ron William

We’ve brought in Market Strategist Ron William for an exclusive 3 hour webinar! This is a two part series and that will be on Thursday, February 13th.
In “The Cyclical Nature of Markets” and “2014 Market Outlook”, Ron Williams will show you how cycles define markets now and then.
The webinar is made of two parts, one hour and a half each: the first part is open to all users for free and the second part is only for Premium members.

PART 1: The Cyclical Nature of Markets – FREE – 13 GMT / 8 am EDT

In the first part of the Monthly Webinar (free for all users), Ron William will cover the next topics:
* In life and in markets TIMING is everything
* The History and Importance of Cycles
* Linear vs. Non-Linear cycles
* W.D Gann’s Law of Vibration

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PART 2: 2014 Market Outlook – Premium – 15:00 GMT / 10:00 am EDT

The second part of the Monthly Webinar is only for premium members. Ron William will go through the following topics:
– The probable cyclical roadmap for 2014
– Volatility expected during the second quarter
– Key market trends to watch; including S&P500, US Dollar, Gold, Oil, Japan.
– The REAL impact on the Social and Geopolitical environment

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Who is Ron William?

Ron William
Ron William, CMT, MSTA, International Business Development Manager & Market Strategist at Market Analyst, has a near 15 years of financial market experience, working for leading economic research and institutional firms, producing macro research and trading strategies for a range of professional clients that included investment banks, money managers and hedge funds. Most recently, Mr William is founder and principal market strategist of RW Market Advisory (RWA). The institutional market advisory specialises in a macro, semi-discretionary technical approach, primarily driven by cycles and proprietary timing models, with actionable market insights featured regularly across notable industry publications and financial media programs.

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