John Forman live on FXStreet: “Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns”

On Monday March 31st, John Forman, a 25 year veteran of the markets, will be live on FXStreet to talk about his ebook “Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns”. That will be in a live webinar co-presented by our in-house analyst Gonçalo Moreira, in our series of “The Trader’s Bookshelf”. This is a totally FREE to attend event!

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About the book

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns - John FormanWould knowing where your favorite currency pair is likely to go improve your Forex trading? There are calendar forex trading patterns – some very strong ones, in fact. Knowing them could make a huge difference in your trading performance. Find them in this comprehensive research report. There are times when currency pairs have up to a 75% directional bias! These aren’t random patterns. They come from data going back to 1982, and show more than enough of a deviation 50/50 odds to be taken very seriously.

The research in Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns covers all of the major pairs and crosses, looking at the data in several ways. The research which went into it unearthed numerous interesting patterns.
The ebook is easy to use, but comprehensive – its 262 pages packed with information you can apply to your trading, and bookmarked for speedy navigation right to the seasonal data you’re after.



About John Forman

John FormanJohn Forman is a 25 year veteran of the markets, having started trading stocks after the Crash of 1987 and beginning work as a professional market analyst covering the US Treasury market in 1993. He has traded just about everything an individual trader is likely to play (stocks, bonds, forex, futures, options). These days he focuses mainly on forex, individual stocks, and indices, but keeps tabs on all sectors to take a cross-market approach. As an analyst, John mainly covered forex and interest rates, but also spent time covering equities and commodity markets at different times along the way.

John published his first trading magazine article in 1995 (Stocks & Commodities) and has authored dozens more in the years since via a number of different publications and websites. In 2006 his book, The Essentials of Trading, was published by Wiley, and he followed that up with Trading FAQs (Trade2Win, 2011). In 2013, his ebook Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns was released. John has presented at trading conferences. He has also provided advisory services to various forex trader oriented businesses/websites (and continues to do so).

After stepping down from his Senior Foreign Exchange Analyst position at Thomson Reuters in 2012, John is currently a PhD candidate in the area of Behavioural Finance at the University of Exeter, with a specialized focus on individual trader performance. He blogs on the subject of trading education and trader development at

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