Gus Farrow about the FTA Course in the media

Gus FarrowGus Farrow is the mind and leader of the “Financial Trading Analysis Course” that FXStreet has developed together with University of Essex Online. A new intake for the course is going to take place in a few days. Gus was invited by two media last week to talk about the importance of education for traders and what the course brings to the student.

“There is no Holy Grail: the journey is the reward” – Leaprate

“There is a correlation between traders’ knowledge and lifetime value of clients, therefore FX firms for some time have considered the virtues of investing in educating traders, with variable results. By partnering with a bona fide academic institution, University of Essex Online, FXStreet has taken the educational element into the realms of long established educational institutions, with a Masters Degree level course in trading.” These are the words of Leaprate‘s Managing Editor Andrew Saks-McLeod which opens the guest editorial on Leaprate (Forex industry news source) published last Tuesday.

In this article, Gus explains the reflexion behind FXStreet’s decision to create the Financial Trading Analysis Course. “Financial information is often seen as elitist, elusive and designed to keep people out, rather than include them in the conversation. […] An awkward truth of our industry is that an often-controversial guru sub-sector has emerged to fill the gap between supply and demand. Some gurus are genuine, and some are sharks. […] This is what we are putting right.”

FXStreet’s has always been guided by a belief: it’s not “easy as pie” – as Gus says – to make money in Forex. It takes time and efforts for a trader to start and build a strategy that eventually gives positive results. That’s why FXStreet is dedicating so many of its resources to education and information. And this course is another effort in that direction: “Not only have we reached out to collaborate with the real industry professionals, but also we have secured a stamp of assurance from one of the worlds fastest growing and well-respected universities.”

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 “You can practice your passion” – Market Movers

In an interview with Yohay Elam for Market Movers podcast, FTA Course Leader Gus Farrow explains the format of the online and part-time course, made of 40 hours of lecture and extra practice trading on a platform: “Our homework is interactive so you can practice your passion”. Gus then goes through the profiles of the first intake’s students, very varied, from engineers to developers, civil servants or entrepreneurs.

The course covers different types of assets, not only Forex, so students have many different ways to access the markets. As for the content, students are taught technical analysis, fundamental analysis, quantitive analysis, intermarket analysis, system trading, portfolio management, and more. “We want to break down the barrier of what traditional FX is, and teach you that there are many ways to approach the market and you just need to find your right combination of what works for you”, says Gus.

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