FXStreet’s Youtube Channel, above 2 million views!

Today we ha56ve great news to share with you. FXStreet’s Youtube Channel just reached 2 million views! This is a great number to celebrate and it wouldn’t be possible without our users. For that reason, we want to give you a huge thank you for making it possible!

Our Youtube channel was born in 2009 but in fact, it was in August 2015 when our ambitious project of uploading non-payment videos found its way to becoming possible. 

Also, since April 2016 our users can enjoy open Webinars in our channel to rewatch as many times as they want! Our 12,700 subscribers have been able to watch extracts of our Webinars but also other videos, like interviews, previews for special events and live sessions with the best Forex experts. We broadcast 20 hours of Live Video per week with the top Forex professionals and, another weekly feature to remark is that we upload 50 clips with quotes of relevant Forex topics.

In words of Mauricio Carrillo, FXStreet’s Live Video Manager, “The FXStreet Youtube Live Video Channel is growing every day. The FXStreet team and collaborators are going the extra mile to offer top quality content and to democratize the forex information in the industry. We have triplicated views in the last year, August has been our best month ever and there are more to come. I would like to thank our beloved collaborators and all our friends that come every single day to our Live Video Community for this achievement. Keep believing!”.

Are you curious about our top 3 of the most viewed videos of all time? Check them below:

Our goal is to offer you the best videos for helping you to improve your trading strategy because together, we are a community. 

Press play and join us!



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