FXStreet, now at the Chrome Web Store

At FXStreet, we are always working to provide our online visitors new, useful and innovative tools meant to help them to take the best trading choices.  And for that reason, we’re proud to launch FXStreet’s Google Chrome extension!

As a leading source for reliable Forex information, one of our main purposes is to facilitate to our readers real-time exchange rates, charts, news and analysis by the best professionals in the sector to trade with confidence.

With FXStreet’s new extension, you can follow economic events and you can be the first one to read our Forex reports posted on our site because no matter what website you are looking at, you will receive a pop-up notification at the bottom of your computer screen when new information is published.


It’s an easy and functional way to browse our website content because the widget receives an alert with analysis, news, videos, educational posts and FXStreet services, such as recommended topic pages and brokers, published on real-time.

Plus: It’s completely free! All you have to do is access to the Google Chrome Web Store to install it.

Once installed it, you can choose what content notifications you want to receive clicking FXStreet’s logo at the top right on your computer screen.


Install your free app in one click and start enjoying our app today!


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