FXstreet.com News Available on MetaTrader Platforms

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms will now include the Forex News Feed produced by FXstreet.com.

Barcelona,  September 26th, 2012 – Today MetaQuotes Software Corp. and FXstreet.com officially announced the delivery of news and analytics feeds from FXstreet.com to the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. This will significantly expand opportunities for traders’ allowing them to use reliable and accurate data when making their trading decisions.

The MetaTrader Platforms already provide integrations of several data feed providers from well-known news agencies. Unlike others, FXstreet.com’s feed provides not only financial news, but also detailed analytics. It gives a technical radiography of the most traded currency pairs and the market’s latest movements, together with experts’ analysis and bank’s forecasts for making trading decisions. The feed also includes stocks and commodities news as well as some of the most important economic indicators, as Central Banks interest rate decisions or Non-Farm Payrolls for example. FXstreet.com’s news are provided with technical studies and charts.

The MetaQuotes Software Corp. team believes that the addition of new and useful features for traders is one of the basic trends in the financial markets and is actively investing in the implementation of such products and services that traders value the most. “The more data you have, the better,” says MetaQuotes Software Corp. COO, Gaies Chreis. “Being the market leader for Forex Trading Platforms, we are committed to provide traders with as much data as possible, allowing them to make the right trading decisions. We believe that news and analytics from FXstreet.com will help traders to make even more profitable deals.”

FXstreet.com website offers a wide range of resources to help the Forex traders make better trading decisions every day, and the news feed is a key element of this global endeavor. “We decided to put together a news feed as we detected the traders’ need for purely Forex technical news and no company was providing them at that time. Since its launching back in 2009, we have been working to accomplish that goal,” underlines Francesc Riverola, President and Founder of FXstreet.com. “To become a news feed of reference for traders is our obsession and MetaTrader integration is another step in the right direction.”

From this point onwards, FXstreet.com news and analytics are available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in 9 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian and Turkish).

Notes to Editors

FXstreet.com was founded in January 2000. As its distinctive trademark, the website has always been proud of its unyielding commitment to provide objective and unbiased information and to enable its users to take better and more confident decisions. On the website, the real-time quotes, news, newsletters and interactive chats with experts from all over the world are among the most well-received contents. FXstreet.com has managed to gain the collaboration of the entire Forex industry, from professional individuals and small companies right up to Forex Brokers and Investment Banks. The website exists in English (www.fxstreet.com), Spanish (www.fxstreet.es) and 15 other languages.
In 2011, these FXstreet.com sites reached more than 108,000,000 pageviews. The English website garnered the most important part of the traffic with 86,274,051 pageviews and 5,759,383  absolute unique visitors. FXstreet.com was short listed as “Best e-FX initiative of the year (vendor)” for the FX Week e-FX Awards 2010.

MetaQuotes Software Corp. is a B2B software development company established in 2000. Since its establishment, the company has achieved outstanding success in developing and delivering a stream of innovative products, services and solutions in the given field. Working with some of the world leading business, it has earned the reputation as a supplier of the most reliable software solutions. Today its most successful product, MetaTrader 4, is the most popular Forex trading platform in the world. Apart from the latest financial data, the company is actively developing algorithmic and mobile trading, as well as additional services. For example, Automated Trading Championship is a popular competition and a unique knowledge base dedicated to algo trading, MQL5 Market is a service for selling trading robots, etc.

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CEO’s blog: http://blogs.fxstreet.com/francesc/
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/fxstreet

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