FXstreet.com launches its Technical Forex News Feed to the global Forex community

A new Technical Forex News 24hr Feed produced by FXstreet.com is now available for other companies and websites.

Barcelona — July 21st 2009 — The 100% Forex News of FXstreet.com, the leading Forex website, can now be integrated in any information website or broker’s currencies platform. It’s a 24hr exclusive service that covers in real-time the most relevant movements of the most traded pairs, including majors, small dollars and major crosses.

This news service gives a general technical radiography of the most traded pairs that FX traders can check for an update or summary of the market’s last movements. Experts’ analysis and  bank’s forecasts are also added to give another insight to the information.
The feed also includes stocks and commodities news (gold and oil) when important movements occur and have noteworthy  impacts on the currencies. Finally, some of the most important economic indicators are covered too, as PIB numbers, Central Banks interest rate decisions or Non-Farm Payrolls for example.

This is a totally exclusive and original news feed which has no direct competitor in the market now. The news provided by other existing newswires are mainly macro-economic, very few of them are currencies-related. The journalists and traders team of FXstreet.com now offers up to 45/50 Forex news items per day, covering all the trading sessions 24 hours. You will find this Forex news feed in our News section at http://www.fxstreet.com/news/

It can now be integrated on to third party websites. On launch, the yearly contract is offered at the special discount rate of 450€/month. Hence forward it will be 850€/month for a yearly contract. This is a very competitive fee compared to other news agencies, especially taking into account that no comparable service is available on the market.

Francesc Riverola, CEO and Founder of FOREXSTREET, S.L., declared: “I’m confident this service can be a good product for websites, brokers or companies which want to offer valuable information to their customers directly on their own pages or platform. Their users will be informed 24 hrs about the Forex. This service has a large following on our own website and we thought it was about time we offered it to the outside world.

The Forex news feed also exists in Spanish, at FXstreet.es, and offers about 15 news per day. This service can also be integrated by other companies.

Notes to Editors

FXstreet.com was founded in January 2000. Forex technical and fundamental analysis, news, real-time economic calendar, advanced rates and charts, webinars, reports, forum, education resources, recordings and podcasts, tools, newsletters… FXstreet.com covers the FX Market 24/5.  An expert team of journalists, traders and economists picture what the market is doing and what is happening as it happens.
As its distinctive trademark, the portal has always been proud of its unyielding compromise to provide neutral and unbiased information and to enable its users to take better and more confident decisions. FXstreet.com has managed to gain the collaboration of the entire Forex industry, from individual professionals and small companies right up to Forex Brokers and Investment Banks.
The website exists in English (www.fxstreet.com), Spanish (www.fxstreet.es), Chinese (http://china.fxstreet.com/) and Japanese (www.fxstreet.jp). In 2008 FXstreet.com’s 3 main sites reached 5.204.238 unique visitors, 19.550.098 visits and 56.301.110 page views. Visitors come from around the world: 30% from US, 30% from Asia and 25% from Europe. The countries which are sending more visitors are the US, UK and Canada.

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