FXStreet’s Chinese website now much faster

ChinaOur website in Chinese has been existing for 10 years now! Those of you located in China know that it has been very slow. And being slow is quite a disadvantage in trading where timely information and accurate price data are vital! So we took the decision to build a new website from scratch that would make the user experience much better with a proper pages uploading speed.

Also, we took the opportunity to rename our website and change the domain: our Chinese website is now FXStreet.cn and not Forex21 anymore. It makes much more sense to unify all our websites under the same brand, our renowned FXStreet name.

Moving all our content to a new place is not an easy task though, and we have had to let some of our content by the side of the road for the moment. We might integrate them again in the future, but the Weekly Forecast Poll, User Login, CTP, Technical Studies will not be available on FXStreet.cn. Also, all current Rates & Charts are going to be removed and replaced by only one live rate and one live chart. This decision is based on two objectives: first, simplify the user’s life by proposing just one tool and not confusing him with too many options and second, provide faster data delivery speed thanks to the data provider of these tools, M-Finance, which is based in Hong Kong.

So you got it: the new Chinese FXStreet site is faster and simpler.
Can a trader ask for more? 😉

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Please feel free to visit FXStreet.cn and send us your feedback, if you see any mistake or miss anything!

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