FXStreet #113 worlwide in StartUp Ranking

FXStreet does pretty well in terms of web position and social influence. That’s what the “Startup Ranking” reveals, placing FXStreet 3rd in Spain (the country where FXStreet headquarters are located) and number 113 worlwide!


StartUp Ranking FXStreet

On the Worlwide ranking, we appear as #113 today, before famous websites as as SimilarWeb, Taboola or Typeform. MailChimp is number 1on this list. In Spain, where FXStreet is located, we are #3, after Menéame and Freepik, but ahead of very popular websites as Tuenti or InfoJobs.

This ranking classifies internet companies (not only startups, by the way) following two metrics. One is called “SR Web” and is determined by different factors as links from external pages to the website, distribution of internal links, number and quality of external links, on-page SEO and estimated audience factors.
The other criteria is “SR Social” that takes into account Facebook and Twitter engagement (links, shares, comments, etc).

This ranking constantly changes since it’s based on algorythms. And as they explain on the website: “The higher your SR Score, the more difficult it becomes to increase, because SR Web and SR Social are not calculated on a linear scale else on a logarithmic scale. Thus, it is much easier to improve from a SR Score of 30,000 to 50,000 than it is to improve from 80,000 to 90,000.”

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