Día de la Fruta: Fruit for everyone

Día de la FrutaEvery Wednesday morning it’s “Día de la Fruta” at FXStreet Barcelona. Day of the fruit. A fruit seller from the Boquería, the famous food market of the nearby Ramblas, comes to the office with a box full of fruits of the season.

Our CEO, Carolina May, came with the idea in April 2014. You have to know that for many years now, our team members bring chocolates and sweets every now and then to share with colleagues: any birthday, return from a trip abroad or diploma’s celebration is a good excuse to bring little treats to make the day sweeter! I think I’m not wrong to say there is not a week without its internal email with a subject line that includes “chocolate”, “food” or “candy”.

Carolina had heard from a company where they had introduced the fruit day for. And she thought that, in order to balance so much bad sugar in our body, the company could bring quality and healthy sugar to the employees once per week. “And healthy co-workers are happier co-workers!” she said.

The “Día de la Fruta” emails pops up every Wednesday morning for more than a year now. And, oh boy, you’d better run to pick the best fruits of the basket as they are being taken out very quickly 😉

Día de la Fruta - teamDía de la Fruta

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