Conversations with Forex Experts

Conversations with Forex ExpertsForex analysts and professional traders write every day on FXStreet. It’s in fact one of the oldest thing we’re doing on FXStreet: offering space for contributors to provide articles and content to our users, the traders. They talk about what they consider important and interesting in currencies and other related markets. But then we also do it the other way round: WE ask them to answer the questions we (and hopefully our users) have about the current markets. That’s the “Conversations with Forex Experts” interviews.

FxPro and ForexTime jumped in

Since February 2011 we’ve been publishing interviews with analysts from FXCM and in 2014 XTB’s analysts joined the pool of experts.

Two other companies have jumped in recently: FxPro and ForexTime. We will interview their analysts once a week. So from now on, we’ll publish two interviews per week, rotating between analysts from these 4 companies: John Kicklighter and Christopher Vecchio from DailyFX, Adam Narczewski y Przemysław Kwiecień from XTB Poland, Simon Smith from FxPro and Jameel Ahmad from ForexTime. Check our last interviews and follow Mauricio Carrillo and Jordi Martínez, the editors who prepare the interviews, to receive an email notification each time a new interview is published!


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