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Forex For Beginners Book Anna CoullingForex For Beginners is a step by step guide written by Anna Coulling to help you get started in the dynamic world of forex trading. The Kindle version of the book has just been released and and Anna Coulling will be presenting it in a live webinar on on Tuesday November 5th at 15 GMT / 11 am EDT.

This is Anna’s third book for traders. In this book, Anna Coulling covers those concepts she believes all new traders need to understand. The currency matrix and characteristics of currency pairs. How price action, candle patterns and volume in multiple time frames can help traders identify high probability, low risk trades. The book also covers the importance of both fundamental and relational analysis, and of course also touches on the basics of risk, money management, trading psychology, position sizing as well as managing and exiting positions once in the market.

In the webinar, Anna will expand on these topics, and also explain how traders can begin to incorporate price, candle patterns and volume in their own trading.

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Anna Coulling is a full time forex, commodity & equities traders. With over 16 years experience of the financial markets she has traded virtually every market and instrument. Anna has an extensive network of sites, all dedicated to helping traders and investors understand how the financial markets really work. She writes and publishes articles and market analysis for UK and international publications and websites on a wide variety of trading topics, and is a regular speaker at trader events, around the world. In addition Anna runs webinars where she trades real money in the forex and futures market.

Anna Coulling participates every week to’s Currencies Forecast and his the hots of our Forex MeetUp in London.

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