A few drops in the (New Light) India ocean

New Light IndiaJust a short post today to let everyone know the results of the FXStreet T-shirt campaign, whose profits will be donated to New Light India, an NGO that FXStreet supports. We’ve sold 83 t-shirts and the profits after costs are $475, which have already been donated to them.

When our President Francesc Riverola emailed the people at New Light to tell them the humble results of the campaign, their coordinator Urmi Basu showed gratitude and said: “Small good news is grand news for us as every cent counts and we wait for small drops to make the ocean. Thanks to you and your amazing team at FXStreet always for keeping New Light so close to your heart.”

We want to thank each and every FXStreet friend who bought our t-shirt and made these small drops possible.

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