50th edition of FXstreet.com and FXBootcamp “Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE” webinar

FXstreet.com, FXBootcamp.com and GFT are proud to present the 50th edition of the world’s most popular FX webinar: “Trade Non-Farm Payrolls Live”.

Barcelona — June, 30th 2010 — The Non-Farm Payrolls webinar will be held on July 2nd 2010 from 11:30 GMT until 14:30 GMT (07:30 EDT – 10:30 EDT) at FXstreet.com. This successful online live session is presented each month by Wayne McDonell, Chief Currency Coach at FXBootcamp.com, one of the best traders and instructors of the currency market. More than 800 traders register each month for this unique live event. The first Non-Farm Payrolls Webinar was held in May 2006 and is sponsored by GFT since February 2008.

This coaching session has become a renowned opportunity to learn keys to trade this economic report and ask questions while the market is moving. FX Bootcamp provides live commentary and analysis during the release of the Employment Report. Traders learn how to conservatively trade during news events, why the market moves based on fundamental analysis, how technical analysis applied to live market charts, including how to apply Pivot Point & Fibonacci Theories in real-time… Participants are encouraged to ask questions while the market is moving!

“50 NFP webinars have totaled 150 hours of live Forex training with currency traders from all over the world” says Wayne McDonell, host of the NFP Webinars.  “We’ve built a loyal following over the years, but more importantly, developed a strong camaraderie with the retail forex trading community.  It’s been a fantastic experience for all and I look forward to at least another 50 NFP webinars with FXstreet.com”.

Francesc Riverola, CEO & Founder of FXstreet.com, is very proud to host that remarkable event: “running the NFP Live Trading webinar with Wayne McDonell is certainly one of the greatest moves we made at FXstreet.com. The popularity has been growing month after month and I think the key of its success is the winning combination of that very volatile economic indicator and an excellent coach as Wayne.”

Wayne McDonell’s knowledge and coaching style have been highly appreciated by the more than 5.000 traders who have attended this webinar through the years. Here are is feedback published on  the FXstreet.com forum by attendees of previous Non-Farm Payrolls webinars:
“The content and presentation are wonderful and extremely helpful to me. You are telling me the things I need to hear! I want with all my heart to make a living trading, and I feel you are helping me get there.”
“The good thing about Wayne’s session is he tells it how it is apart from the actual NFP trade. If you listen good you will pick up a lot of other good understandings.”
“Thanks for a very informative live NFP session which provides a wealth of information regarding fundamentals, and how and why the other markets correlate to forex.”

This edition coincides with FXstreet.com’s 10th Anniversary. In honor of this double anniversary, FXstreet.com published an interview with Wayne where he explains how he got into FOREX, the most memorable NFP, his strategies to trade the news, his outlook for the EUR/USD and more view on fundamentals. The interview is available at http://www.fxstreet.com/education/trading-strategies/50th-nfp-webinar-interview-with-wayne-mcdonell/2010-06-29.html

The partners of the NFP Webinar monthly event are TradersLog.com and Asesoria Forex.

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