5 Webinars on Elliott Wave

On May 20th, we’ll host our famous event “One Day, One Topic”. We’ve invited 5 experts who will give us their view, methods and techniques on one same topic, this time ELLIOTT WAVE.

The Elliott Wave Principle (or Theory) was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the nineteen twenties. Like many other formulations, the purpose of the Elliott Wave Theory was to create an organizing principle that would explain the otherwise chaotic movement of the stock market. According to this theory, the market fluctuated in a recurring pattern of five upward and three downward moving waves.

The titles and times of the webinars are:

One Day, One Topic - Elliott Wave


All the webinars are totally FREE OF CHARGE! Click on the registration link of the webinars you want to attend and you’ll receive an email reminder 15 minutes before their start!

  • Steve Ruffley, InterTrader.com – 11:00  GMT / 7:00 am EDT – “How I trade the EW theory on the way down” – Register now
  • Gregor Horvat, EW-Forecast – 12:00 GMT / 8:00 am EDT: – “Trading With The Wave Principle” – Register now
  • Jeremy Wagner, DailyFX- 13:00 GMT / 9:00 am EDT: – “Trading EW Using Equal Waves” – Register now
  • Nady Laymoud, ElliottWaveForex – 14:00 GMT / 10:00 am EDT: – “EW and Classic Technical Analysis Combined” – Register now
  • Robert Kelley, Elliott Wave International: 15:00 GMT / 11:00 am EDT: – “Turn Wave Patterns into High-Confidence Trades” – Register now

If you want to warm up before our special event, we recommend you to watch Jim Martens’ interview by Dale Pinkert in our Live Analysis Room on Monday May 12th

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