25th edition of FXstreet.com and FXBootcamp popular “Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE” webinar

FXstreet.com, FXBootcamp.com and GFT are very proud to announce the 25th edition of the world’s most popular FX webinar: “Trade Non-Farm Payrolls Live”.

June 2nd, 2008 – Barcelona – The Non-Farm Payrolls webinar will be held on 2008 June 6th from 11:30 GMT until 14:30 GMT (07:30 EDT – 10:30 EDT) on FXstreet.com. This successful live session is presented each month by Wayne McDonell, Chief Currency Coach at FXBootcamp.com, certainly one of the best traders and instructors of the forex market. More than 600 traders register each month for this unique live event. The first Non-Farm Payrolls Webinar was held in May 2006 so we also celebrate the second anniversary of that event, sponsored by GFT since February 2008. Our partners are Mataf.net, Technical Trading, TradersLog.com and Asesoria Forex.

This lively and very instructive session has become a renowned opportunity to learn keys to trade this economic report and ask questions while the market is moving. FX Bootcamp provides live play by play commentary and analysis during the release of the Employment Report. Traders learn how to conservatively trade during news events, why the market moves based on fundamental analysis, how technical analysis applied to live market charts, including how to apply Pivot Point & Fibonacci Theories in real-time… Traders are even encouraged to ask questions while the market is moving!

Wayne’s knowledge and coaching style have been highly appreciated by the more than 3.000 traders who have attended that special webinar. Here are some feedbacks published on  the FXstreet.com forum by attendees of previous Non-Farm Payrolls webinars:
“Great session. It saved me losing my profits. Please continue with your excellent tutorials.”
“Having someone talk me through a live trade has been very useful and given me a lot to work on.”
“I have been in this webinar more then a dozen times and I always look forward to your take on the market conditions and teaching fundamentals along the way.”
“Thanks for a very informative live NFP session which provides a wealth of information regarding fundamentals, and how and why the other markets correlate to forex.”

“I really enjoy the NFP webinars because they are traditionally the most exciting and difficult news events to trade”, says Wayne McDonell of FxBootcamp.com “most new traders look to the Non-Farm Payrolls reports as a way to make a quick buck… and most lose.  As a live event, it gives me an opportunity to teach people how to be a conservative and disciplined trader when it matters the most… when emotions are really flying.  Partnering with FXstreet.com, the largest forex portal on the web, gives me an opportunity to help the largest group of FX traders possible.”

Francesc Riverola, CEO & Founder of FXstreet.com, said that “running the NFP webinar with Wayne McDonell has been one of the greatest moves we have made at FXstreet.com in the last two years. It is definitely a two thumbs up event, educative and entertaining. The key of its success is the winning combination of the economic indicator with major impact on the FX market and an unbeatable host as Wayne.”

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