Current Trading Positions: Know how other traders are situated

Soooo many analysts, soooo many trading ideas, soooo many shared trading positions, soooo many reports to read. Feel overwhelmed? Hell, yeah!
Once again, in the line with the Follow and Watchlist features launched last December, wants to help you to sort out the data and better digest the huge amount of Forex information offered on our website every day. This time, showing you the CURRENT TRADING POSITIONS of our contributors.

Current Trading Positions

At a glance, on one page and in a clear table, we have gathered the trading positions of our contributors. These positions are disseminated in the reports they publish on, but you can now find them altogether in one place and get a global view of who does what and when.


How does it work?

Every day, publishes dozens of reports and many of them include trading positions that the contributors (Forex companies) have in the market: indicating trade direction, type of order, and sometimes also the associated stop loss and/or take profit levels.

On the table of the Current Trading Positions page, you will find all this data displayed pair by pair. Under the company column, you can click on the link that will lead you to the report from where the trade information has been extracted. If you want more details, some contextual information, or simply read more from that contributor, you just have to click on that link.

Important notice: the date is the date at which the report is being published on It is not the date at which the position was open. Also, when a position is no longer valid (say, for example, that the stop loss has been hit), it is automatically removed from the table.

Why can it be useful?

You might want to find different values out of this page:

  1. Big picture: you get a global view of how others are trading, where and with which parameters. You can see where you are and compare what you do against what others do, and maybe adjust (or not) your own trades.
  2. Follow one or several traders: this table can be a way for you to follow the traders whose strategies interest you or are close to yours.
  3. Sentiment: What are most of traders thinking, and as a result, how is the crowd acting? This table gives you an idea of the sentiment on a particular day in Forex.

Current Trading PositionsWhere to find it?

From homepage, you have to search for the Current Trading Positions box, in the right column and click on More Positions.
You can also bookmark this url in your browser:

… What’s next?

We will be adding more positions from other contributors in the weeks to come to make this tool even more informative.

Don’t hesistate to leave us your feedback! It’s a new feature and we are happy to receive comments and ideas of improvements so we can offer you something you really find useful. You can contact us by email or leave a message on this blog, here below.


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